Why An Investigation?

More than 154,000 victims each year and less than 10% of complaints

Out of 154,000 victims per year *, it is estimated that about 10% of rape victims file a complaint, and only a small proportion of these complaints result in a conviction. There are many reasons for this: fear of lodging a complaint, feeling of guilt, external pressures, difficulty proving the facts … At first, the association Dé-chained  wants to know more about the reception of the victims in police station or gendarmerie.

An inquiry to understand the feelings of victims during their reception in the police station

The filing of a complaint is a key step in the judicial process of the victims, which many parameters are likely to influence:

  • the number and quality of staff training,
  • the organization within police stations and gendarmeries,
  • the workload of the agents,
  • legal procedures,
  • budget constraints,
  • staff performance requirements …

Thanks to this survey, we will be able to study the possible shortcomings noticed during the reception, but also better to apprehend the waitings of the victims during this particularly delicate moment.

Alert the authorities to the situation

When we have gathered a sufficient number of responses, we will write a report that will compile the results of the survey and make proposals for improving the reception of victims.

We will hand it to the following departments:

  • Ministry of the Interior,
  • Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Women’s Rights
  • Department of Defense.

* Source: 2012 Report of the National Observatory of Crime and Criminal Responses