About the Survey

Why does the investigation concern only the major victims at the time of the incident?

The procedures for minor victims are not the same, and often involve other teams. Studying the reception of minor victims would require a specific investigation.

Why do you stick to complaints filed for 5 years?

We assume that staff training has been able to evolve and improve over the last 5 years. We restricted our investigation so that only the most recent practices are taken into account. Indeed, in order to alert the public authorities to the need to improve the reception of victims, it is necessary that the testimonies collected give an image as faithful as possible of the current situation.

Why does an inquiry question relate to the skin color of the victim? On ethnicity?

Racism is unfortunately present in France, in all walks of life and all professions. The skin color of a raped person may influence how she was greeted when she complained. Then we specify “ethnicity” because we can be white and victim of racism (for example, Rroms or Maghrebins).

Is the survey anonymous?

Totally. It will not be possible to identify you because no personal data is collected.

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